René Ruisaard
Chartered Accountant, Partner

It’s a long time ago I that I started with a big 4 company but I’m still supporting some of the same clients. Building up personal and lasting relationships with clients means you become valuable for them. I work a lot for SMEs as well as family-owned businesses where financial planning and succession are my forte. In this work you have to think twice before rushing to decisions. It is important that the client starts thinking about his future ahead of time so as to anticipate what is coming. The financial side is but one of many aspects of these processes. That’s why I’m often a link between specialists inside and outside CapsNobel.

Marius Blankenstijn
Accountant-administration consultant, partner

In the almost 40 years that I have been working in accountancy, a lot has of course changed. Nevertheless, the basis is still the same: personal contact. Empathising with the client, understanding what drives him. Standing beside the entrepreneur, the manager of an organisation or (healthcare) institution or the family, instead of against them. If there is trust, you can think along, possibly hold up a mirror to them. This is especially important in estate planning or inheritance law, for example, but also in more complex P&O issues.

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