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A single point of contact for all your financial and fiscal affairs. A personal advisor who will assist you in word and deed with all your questions related to business including legal issues, organizational advice as well as HRM management. Someone who ensures that everything financial is in perfect shape so that you can focus on your own profession.

Whatever your questions, whether you are a starter, independent entrepreneur, medical specialist, owner of a large company or a small business: our seventy employees are ready to help you.

We support our clients in various sectors from our offices in Breda, Goes, and Halsteren. We work closely with various lawyers, civil-law notaries, and organisational and HRM consultants. You are always assured of expert, objective, and transparent advice.

What we stand for

  • Personal approach
  • Transparent agreements
  • Expert advisers
  • Integrity
  • Affordable advice
Peter Suijkerbuijk
Chartered Accountant, Partner

In recent years, it has all become more formal: there are more standards and rules, more needs to be recorded. This certainly applies to the legally required reports and audits that I am involved in. Nevertheless, personal contact remains very important; after all, as an accountant you are a confidential adviser. That is why I prefer to visit the client, so that I can see how things are going and what drives them.
Accountancy is always in motion. I am involved in the internal committee that closely monitors developments and ensures that this technical knowledge reaches my colleagues. If there are questions, I am often the first point of contact.

Pieter Sturm
Accountant-administration consultant, partner

Our SME customers have an increasing need for up-to-date information on which to base their decisions. This information is increasingly automated for us. When making decisions, I am a sparring partner and coach for the customers. Partly because of my experience in the HRM field and the tax issues in the SME sector, as an accountant I can be of full service to our clients.

Many accountancy activities are subject to standards and requirements. Together with my colleagues of the Internal Committee, I ensure the quality of our office.

Wessel Wanders
Registered tax adviser, partner

From our office in Breda, together with a team of 10 professionals, I serve many an SME and many first-line practices/institutions in the healthcare sector. As a team, we try to unburden you as much as possible, which is why we are very versatile. For example, we can help you set up a financial planning for both the company/practice and for your private life, advise you on estate planning, organise your bookkeeping, advise you on business forms and advise you on the sale/transfer of the company/practice. The strength of our services lies mainly in the energetic way in which we approach issues as a team in which you are the pivot of the whole. We look forward to helping you further!

Stefan van Tatenhove
Accountant-administration consultant, partner

As accountant and co-owner of CapsNobel, I’m also an entrepreneur myself, and I can easily put myself in the shoes of other entrepreneurs. I like to be a sparring partner for all kinds of entrepreneurial questions. I provide our clients with the necessary management information and advise them on administrative processes and their digitalisation.

Sandra van den Bergh
Accountant-administration consultant, partner

My day is a success when I really help a client and offer added value. Entrepreneurs can come to me for advice on pensions, annuities, asset management and financial planning. As an accountant, I focus mainly on SMEs and care and youth assistance organisations. In the case of the latter group, this goes beyond the usual financial support: I am also happy to assist you with the compulsory annual reports under the Act on the Admission of Care Institutions or the Youth Act.

René Ruisaard
Chartered Accountant, Partner

It’s a long time ago I that I started with a big 4 company but I’m still supporting some of the same clients. Building up personal and lasting relationships with clients means you become valuable for them. I work a lot for SMEs as well as family-owned businesses where financial planning and succession are my forte. In this work you have to think twice before rushing to decisions. It is important that the client starts thinking about his future ahead of time so as to anticipate what is coming. The financial side is but one of many aspects of these processes. That’s why I’m often a link between specialists inside and outside CapsNobel.

Marius Blankenstijn
Accountant-administration consultant, partner

In the almost 40 years that I have been working in accountancy, a lot has of course changed. Nevertheless, the basis is still the same: personal contact. Empathising with the client, understanding what drives him. Standing beside the entrepreneur, the manager of an organisation or (healthcare) institution or the family, instead of against them. If there is trust, you can think along, possibly hold up a mirror to them. This is especially important in estate planning or inheritance law, for example, but also in more complex P&O issues.

At CapsNobel we stand for expert, objective, and transparent advice.

In order to be of even better service to you, our expertise is complemented by:

Take 5

Are you looking to sell your business, or are you growing and looking to purchase a business? Then let the experienced takeover specialists at Take 5 help you.

We are experienced and certified to work with you to achieve the best possible result. We actively search for the best acquisition candidate or the most suitable company, even if that takes us beyond our national borders.

Because we have been active as entrepreneurs ourselves, we can guide you perfectly through what is probably one of the most important transactions in your life. We have come across most of the cases we advise on as consultants, but we have also experienced them ourselves as entrepreneurs.

We are Take 5.

Witlox VCS Audit

Statutory audits of annual accounts are carried out in cooperation with Witlox VCS Audit. In addition to the usual annual accounts, we also audit the annual reports for care providers falling under the WTZi, the Youth Act, or the WMO. We audit reports in accordance with the WNT and also audit reports relating to production accountability. Witlox VCS audit is licensed by the AFM (Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets) to perform these audits.


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Okay, you’re an entrepreneur. Now what…?
What was my plan and am I still on track?
What’s the next step?
My growth expectations are not being met: why is this and what can I do to adjust?

Entrepreneurship brings with it a lot of questions. Having a good idea or simply following your passion is often not enough. A product or service needs to be brought to the attention of customers and eventually, you want to earn an income with your business. How do you make the right move to achieve your goals?

StartToGrow organizes a series of thematic sessions this year aimed at entrepreneurs with ambition for growth. In these sessions, strategic aspects, business models, personal leadership, and team development are discussed.

For more information, please visit: https://www.starttogrow.nl


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    Your personal adviserFrom our branches in Breda, Goes and Halsteren, we support clients in all conceivable sectors. Whether you are a starter, self-employed entrepreneur, medical specialist, owner of a large or a somewhat smaller company: our employees are always ready to answer your questions on financial and fiscal issues.