Large business

The accountants and tax advisors of CapsNobel make sure that everything is arranged from A to Z in the financial and fiscal fields.

We don’t have to worry about missing any relevant declaration or payment deadlines, and we always know where we stand financially. The salary administration has also been set up professionally with the help of CapsNobel.

We now also know where to find them when it comes to legal and organisational matters. It is nice to be able to fall back on an expert and committed advisor, who knows how things work in our company.

More than numbers

The accountants and tax consultants of CapsNobel provide all regular accountancy services: from drawing up periodical overviews and forecasts to taking care of your (salary) accounts and tax returns. Smart online platforms, through which we work together with our clients in real time, are a useful tool in this respect. CapsNobel sets up the administration the way you want it and supports you in digitising and optimising processes. You decide what you want to outsource and what you prefer to keep in your own hands.

Thanks to the web-based dashboards, you always know where you stand financially. If you have investment plans, we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. We also know our way around the many tax schemes, subsidies, and incentive schemes that help to implement business plans.

In the SME sector, but certainly as the owner or director-major shareholder of a (family) business, there are often other issues that require your attention. Think growth and development, capacity planning, asset management, retirement planning, and estate planning. Our expert and dedicated advisors will be pleased to assist you in the areas of finance, tax, law, organisational management, and HRM.

What can we help you with?

  1. Your financial administration always in perfect shape

    With our smart online platforms, you always know how you are doing, so you can easily make adjustments in the interim. CapsNobel organises the administration the way you want it done. You decide what you want to outsource and what you want to keep in your own hands. Purchase and sales mutations as well as invoices can easily be processed digitally.

  2. Payroll and personnel administration

    With our online software for salary and personnel administration, you are assured of continuity. Wage changes are easy to implement, while you can keep absentee and sick leave records in the digital personnel registration system. There is also a module for personnel files. Of course, the online environment is completely secure and only accessible to authorized persons.

  3. Taxes

    Tax returns. It’s all part of the job. We take care of the returns for turnover tax, income tax, corporate tax, and more. However, our tax specialists go one step further and advise you on the possibilities of saving tax and structuring your business in an optimal fiscal manner. Think about the legal form of your company, investment subsidies, deduction of annuities, retirement provisions, and your home or company car.

  4. Financial planning

    Marriage, children, buying or selling your own home, disability, retirement, or even death: these are examples of events that can (and often will) affect your business. Our financial planners will be happy to draw up a financial plan with you, using advanced software to calculate different scenarios. A well-maintained financial plan provides staying power in turbulent times.

  5. Estate planning: controlled and phased asset transfer

    If you are the owner or director-major shareholder of a (family) business, you will at some point have to deal with business succession. Together with you, we will ensure that you are well prepared for this and that you can make maximum use of the tax opportunities. We are estate planning specialists, focusing on a controlled and phased transfer of wealth. Think about gift plans or a living will.

  6. A carefree old age

    To be able to enjoy a carefree retirement after a working life, a lot of things need to be arranged. We can advise you on various pension schemes, annuities, windfall profits, and other forms of retirement reserves. We also look at your private situation and calculate the consequences of death or divorce. It goes without saying that the pension for your personnel must be properly arranged for as well. We will gladly make you a proposal.

  7. HRM services: matters an employer must take care of

    As an employer, there are a lot of questions thrown at you. What must be laid down in an employment contract? What are good working conditions? What are your rights and obligations in the event of dismissal? What about a sabbatical, pregnancy, care or study leave? We offer you a helping hand in these often complex issues, but are of course also at your service, for example, to keep a clear record of absenteeism and sick leave.

Help needed with accountancysalary administrationtax consultancyHRM serviceslegal adviceorganisation advice


You decide what you want to outsource or keep in your own hands. The online dashboard shows how you are doing financially.

Payroll administration

With salary and personnel administration software, you are assured of continuity. You can easily enter and maintain wage mutations and absenteeism and sick leave records.

Tax Consultancy

CapsNobel advises you about the possibilities of saving tax and takes care of the returns for, among other things, turnover tax, income tax and corporate tax.


What do you lay down in an employment contract? What does the law say about maternity or parental leave? We help you with your rights and obligations in the HRM field.

Legal advice

Answers to everyday questions and support with less common issues. We can also advise you on estate planning, company takeovers, or succession.

Financial planning

A financial lifeline shows whether you are building up enough reserves to achieve your goal. Our planners look at your overall financial position and calculate various scenarios.

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