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As a starting entrepreneur, it’s often difficult to find your way in the financial and fiscal world. The CapsNobel consultants helped me set up my administration and advised me on all kinds of favourable deductions, subsidies for starting entrepreneurs, and pension schemes.

Meanwhile, a few years have passed and my business is doing well. This confronts me with new questions: How can I grow and expand? How can I increase my sales area? How can I automate my administration, et cetera. Good to know there’s always an expert in the background looking and thinking along as I go. This gives me tremendous peace of mind.

Arranged down to the last detail

Wouldn’t you rather be engaged in your own profession instead of worrying about your bookkeeping? The accountants of CapsNobel support you in setting up a well-organised financial administration that meets all legal requirements. In addition, we naturally provide all regular financial and fiscal services: from the preparation of annual accounts and forecasts to the timely submission of your tax returns. And as with all our clients, you decide what you want to outsource and what you prefer to keep in your own hands.

If you are a starting entrepreneur, self-employed, or regularly hire an independent professional, you will have to deal with regulations that continuously seem to change. We follow the developments closely and ensure that you are not in for any unpleasant surprises. We also help you to make optimal use of the many tax schemes, subsidies, and incentive schemes available. If you have investment plans, we are more than happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

As an entrepreneur, there are many things to think about. Have you thought about a pension or retirement plan? Is there a safety net in case of a disability? To what extent do your business results affect your private finances? Our expert and committed advisors will also offer you a helping hand with these kinds of issues.

What can we help you with?

  1. Your accounting always in order

    You can simply leave it to us to set you up with a transparent financial administration. In addition, we will be happy to prepare the periodic reports and annual accounts for you. We also look at any risks to your private situation. At CapsNobel you decide what you will outsource and what you’d rather prefer to keep in your own hands.

  2. Taxation

    Tax returns! It’s all part of the job. We take care of the returns for turnover tax, income tax, corporate tax, and more. However, our tax specialists go a step further and advise you on additional possibilities of saving on your taxes. Think about the legal form of your company, investment subsidies, deductions for annuities, retirement provisions, and your own home or your company car.

  3. Financial planning

    Marriage, children, buying or selling a home, disability, retirement, or even death: these are but a few examples of events that can (and often will) affect your business accounting. Our financial planners will be happy to draw up a financial plan together with you, using advanced software to calculate different scenarios. A well-maintained financial plan provides staying power in turbulent times.

  4. Legal Advice

    For clear answers to everyday questions and support with less common issues. You can come to us with questions about the right legal form, contracts, general terms and conditions, legislation and regulations for freelancers, debt collection, and debtor management or tax law. We can also advise you on estate planning, mergers, company takeovers, or business transfers.

  5. HRM services

    Your business is growing and with the current capacity, you can no longer get the work done. Do you hire a permanent employee or do you prefer to choose for cooperation or another flexible solution? What consequences does this have for the company? How do you draw up good terms of employment, what about dismissal law? We are happy to offer you a helping hand.

  6. Payroll

    Do you have employees? With the special online software for salary and personnel administration, you are assured of continuity. Wage changes are easy to implement, while you can keep absenteeism and sick leave records in the digital personnel registration system. Of course, the online environment is completely secure and only accessible to authorized individuals.

  7. Estate planning

    If your business is doing well, you may find yourself facing the option of selling your company. Together with you, we will ensure that you are well prepared for such a move and that you can make maximum use of the tax opportunities it affords. We are estate planning specialists, focusing on a controlled and phased transfer of wealth. Think about gift plans or a living will.

  8. A carefree old age

    To be able to enjoy a carefree retirement after a working life, a lot of things need to be arranged. We can advise you on various pension schemes, annuities, and other forms of retirement provision. We also look at your private situation and calculate the consequences of death or divorce.

Our partner: StartToGrow

Entrepreneurship brings with it a lot of questions. Having a great idea or simply following your passion is often not enough. A product or service needs to be brought to the attention of customers and eventually, you want to earn an income with your business. Which buttons can you press to help you achieve your goals?

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We help you to set up a transparent financial administration. You decide what you want to outsource or keep in your own hands.

Payroll administration

Do you have employees? With the specialized online software for salary and personnel administration, you are assured of continuity.

Tax Consultancy

Saving taxes: CapsNobel advises and takes care of the returns for turnover tax, payroll taxes, income tax, and corporate taxes.


CapsNobel is happy to support you with all your paperwork: employment contracts, terms of employment, leave arrangements, retirement provisions, etc.

Legal advice

Help with common and less common issues: legal forms, contracts, legislation for freelancers, debt collection, and debtor management or tax law.

Financial planning

A financial plan shows whether you are building up enough reserves to achieve your goal. Our planners look at your overall financial position and calculate various scenarios.

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